10 Top Worst Sailing Movies

OK, so “All is Lost” starring Robert Redford is supposed to be a great achievement for this iconic actor… I did not see this movie but was looking forward to it, until Charles Doan Sailing Blogge rcrushed my hopes and dreams to see the “Cast Away” of Sailing Movies. ;) I’ll probably see it anyway, eventually now that I know a little more sailing stuff than when “Wind” came out. I like “Wind”… was it great? no, it was entertaining, and I like being entertained… Tillerman@propercourse posed a challenge (after I suggested to him to write a post on the worst sailing movies) for everyone to write what were the worst sailing movies. Challenge accepted.
MAJOR PROBLEM: why waste one’s time watching terrible movies? SO- I’ll just guess. here’s my top Worst ten sailing movies. in no particular order since I only write when I’m in the mood and/or pressed for time… now I am both…
10. hmmm.. Pirates of the Carribean the latest sequel… i got bored after the second sequel, so the last one has to be bad.
9. hmmm… “Morning Light” Just because a drag race across an ocean where you can’t see other boats and the weather wasn’t crazy, like the Southern Ocean makes this just an MTV reality show. ?
8. hmmm… “Cast Away” ha… great movie, but there was something wrong with the beach launching scene of the raft sailboat… i thought he was launching in an offshore breeze? don’t remember, but the breakers were huge… reminded me of 2013 Sunfish Worlds…
7. hmmm… Open Water 2:Adrift- because i can actually see this happening, jump overboard to swim, only to forget to lower the ladder… I would be pissed. ;)
6. hmmm… “Charlie St. Cloud”… not enough sailing, but i didn’t see the whole thing as they played it outdoors at WEt Pants, during a Sunfish Tuesday NIght… too busy de rigging and enjoying a beverage than to watch Zach Effron.
5. hmmm… “Dexter”- ok its not a movie and it don’t involve sailing, but this is a hard challenge and Im running out of time. And no WAY he can survive a hurricane that pulverizes his boat to pieces (which is still floating in the middle of the ocean, and not on a rock pile) and Survive..
4. hmmm… “Waterworld”- again haven’t seen the whole thing and it was a critics pick for worst flop. BUt that doesn’t matter, I am judging this on my friend’s recommendation to go see, Il Postino with a bunch of guys back in the Blizzard of 1996… if he liked THAT movie, and he liked Waterworld, too…??? just using logic.
3. hmmm… “Captain Ron”  Kurt Russell and this I think is a Comedy-  this just looks dumb.

2.  hmmm…  Most sailing videos on YouTube especially if they are accompanied by the Christofor Cross song “Sailing” zzzzzzz.  The exception is:  Sunfish Sailing Start  ;)

1. hmmm…  ok I have to go, so the number one worst sailing movie that I can come up with:  ANY “Racing Rules DVD”- unless you have insomnia and need a cure.  If you want to learn the rules, break them and talk about it later.  Note #3 in @propercourse Rules of Laser sailing Number 3 can apply to most all competitive fleets.

OK there you have it.

Here it is

Hi… I don’t know if anyone reads this, but one day in a random conversation with sailors from out of town, the guy was commenting on an article he read… and I was like, wow that sounds like something I wrote… after a couple more minutes I realized it WAS the article I wrote… and was like, COOL- it reached out to someone and they actually remembered it! My first out of state experience of someone reading my words and making a full circle… that is cool.

well the WPSA site has undergone a change and my blog has kinda disappeared… so i’ll write this and try to figure out how to get it back online. I am not a good blogger, I don’t write like @My2fish or @Tillerman… those guys are awesome at their consistency… but I write when It comes to me… which is usually at some stupid hour when something pops into my head…

So hope someone reads this… follow on twitter: @wetpantssailing :) see you on the water!

2013 Wet Pants Sunfish Racing Instructions

WPSA Sunfish Racing Rules
Wet Pants Association Sunfish Fleet
2013 Spring Sunfish Series
2013 July, August, and Ma Huus Series

a. This series will be governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), US Sunfish Class Association and these sailing Instructions.
b. Boats shall be able to be identified by numbers, letters or unique markings on its sail.
c. A non-class legal sail may be used. Protests will not be allowed for this rule alteration. This changes the Class rules of having class legal equipment.
a. Competitors: May be Non Members or guests, trophies will be awarded only to Wet Pants Members in good standing, with dues paid according to membership application.
b. Non-members and guests will be scored together with members, but not be eligible for trophies.
c. There will be the following divisions: Black, Gold Fleet, Women and Wet Pants Student Fleet. Sailors will be assigned their fleet by the fleet captain.  A minimum of Three QUALIFIED boats are needed form a fleet.
3. NOTICES TO COMPETITORS- will be posted on outside bulletin board on South facing side of WP Building.

4. CHANGES TO SAILING INSTRUCTIONS- Any changes in Sailing Instructions will be posted before 5pm on the day it will take effect.

5. SCHEDULE OF RACES: (tuesdays) NOTE: there may be some extra sailing on other days, please refer to Notice board or email
Spring Series: May 28, June 4,11,18, 25, 2013
JULY SERIES: July 2, 9,16, 23, 2013
Ma Huus: July 30, 2013
August Series: August 6,13,20,27, 2013

b. The number of races will be determined by the Race Committee, start of first race is 6:00pm. Subsequent races will be held as soon as possible after the end of the previous race.

6. RACING AREA- will be south of Wet Pants Club House on Great South Bay.

7. CHECK IN- Sailors must check in to race committee by passing committee boat and hailing prior to their first race.

8. COURSES- To be determined by Race Committee and hailed before each race. Any Questions regarding course please ask them before sequence is started.

9. MARKS- To be determined by Race Committee.

10. THE START- Starting line will be between Race Committee Person (May be on Boat or on Dock) and designated Mark or pin to be determined by Race Committee.
b. Boats may not start more than five (5) minutes after the starting signal.
c. Sequence will be the “Dinghy Start “3-minutes” Audible” Sequence or determined by RC.
d. All fleets will start at the same time and on the same starting line.

11. RECALLS- The race Committee intends to hail the recall or sail numbers of On Course Side (OCS) boats after the starting signal. The failure of any boat to hear the hail, an untimely hail of OCS boats, failure to hail boats and the order of the boats in the hail shall not be grounds for granting redress. This changes rules 41 and 62.1.

12- THE FINISH- will be between the race committee and a mark/pin designated by the race committee.

13- PENALTY SYSTEM- A boat that may have broken a rule of PART 2 of the RRS while racing may take a penalty at the time of incident. Her penalty shall be a “One Turn” penalty that includes- getting clear of other boats as soon as possible, promptly making your penalty turn by making one turn which includes one tack and one jibe in the same direction. However, if she caused injury or serious damage, or gained a significant advantage, her penalty shall be to retire. This changes rules 44.1 and 44.2.

14- TIME LIMIT/COURES CHANGES- to be determined by Race Committee.
b. If boats in or near last place in a race are unduly delaying the start of another race, the race committee may terminate the race and score those boats in the place they would have finished based on their position at the time the race is terminated. RC may shorten/change course by hail (no flags/sound signals needed) if necessary.

15 PROTESTS AND REDRESS- A boat that is intending to protest about an incident in the racing area shall notify the race committee of their intention, including the sail number of the boat(s) being protested. This changes RRS 61.1(a).
b. Protests shall be in writing, and delivered to the race committee within thirty minutes after the race committee boat docks, or 9pm that evening which ever is sooner.
c. Protests may be heard after the next General Meeting.

16- SCORING- The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A will apply, modified so that each sailor’s score will be the total of his/her race scores with his/her worst score(s) for every five (5) races are completed. SPRING: A Minimum of Five Boats sailing the day in order to score the day. Other Activities may be determined for Spring Series, ie Team Racing, Training, etc these will not count towards series.
b. A Sailor that DNS every race for one day will be scored as the most # of Boats that came to the racing area in one day of the series + 1. (Note: this is not the same as boats finishing or boats starting) However, if a sailor started in a race but missed a race that day, a DNS will be # of boats started that race + 1. A DNF will be scored as number of starters + 1.
c. If identifiable, the sailor shall be scored, even if different sail numbers are used. It will be the responsibility of the sailor to let race committee and chair know this may be the case. A substitute skipper may not be used.
d. To QUALIFY for prizes you must sail 50% of the DAYS raced and be a WP member in good standing. A fleet (Black, Gold, Woman, WP Student) must have three different qualified sailors to be scored as a fleet.
e. Sunfish Tune up or other special race days (team racing etc), if designated by fleet captain, will not count towards any series scoring.
f. Race Committee- Duty- In order to get scored for season trophies, all racers (or their representative) will volunteer for at least one RC Duty on Tuesday, Thursday, Tea Cup Race or other race day approved by the fleet captain. The RC duty day will get scored the average of their scores for that series. There will be a maximum of five RC scores counted towards the series, after five RC raced they then will be scored as a DNS. RACE COMMITTEE CHAIR may assign RC duty to sailors.
g. MA HUUS- A separate series of THREE Races, held on July 30, 2013. Each sailor will sail in one fleet. Only the first three races will be scored towards the Perpetual Ma Huus Trophy. There are no throw outs. The Ma Huus trophy will be awarded to the top finishing Wet Pants member. Any races sailed after the first three will count towards the august series. One race will constitute the series.

17- SAFETY- All competitors shall wear, while on the water, other than brief periods while adding or removing clothing, a US Coast Guard approved PFD.
b. A boat retiring from a race shall notify a race committee vessel before leaving the course, or if impossible, some race committee representative after arrival on shore.

18- PRIZES-AWARDS will be awarded to the top finishers in each fleet at the Annual Mess for each series. The number of awards will be determined by the Race Committee Chair or Executive Committee. Season Perpetual trophies also to be awarded at Mess.

UPDATED: 5/25/2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Here on Long Island, New York the weather has been lousy for the unofficial beginning of summer. Temps barely in the fifties, rain for two straight days, and wind forecasting into the 30s… not very conducive for sailing a small wet boat, like a Sunfish. Since Sandy the Hurricane hit last fall, the club has been without power, so hard to work on some damaged boats without power tools… maybe this weekend will be a washout out for sailing :( Even though this weekend maybe cruddy, we must remember…
Remember this coming TUESDAY starts one of the most popular Sunfish Racing series anywhere during the summer. The Wet Pants Sailing Association has held Sunfish Racing to all to enjoy. Remember it is open to non members and guests, and there is small courses so you get lots of starts and boats handling. The fleet can range into 20s especially when school is out. Remember many people who race in regionals and North American Championships hone their skills in the South West winds on the Great South Bay.
So even though the weather is lousy, we can look forward to the consistence that has been WPSA Sunfish Racing. Every Tuesday at 6pm sharp. Short 2 minute sail to the race course, with friendly but wide ranging competition. So if you want to sail come on out and have some fun. We are located in Sayville NY Foster Ave to the end.
But MOST IMPORTANTLY, Remember Happy Memorial Day weekend- and let us all remember the real sacrifices that were made so we can enjoy our lifestyle and sail when we want.

Heartbreak Regatta @ Sea Cliff YC

Hi everyone – We’ve waited over a month since the weather was last good enough to sail. Today was a great way to end February and look forward to warmer days of spring.

A nice fleet of eight sailors enjoyed a 6 race series for the re-scheduled Heartbreak Regatta. The northwest winds started out modest and then shifted toward the north and finally got very light for the last race. The forecasted strengthening didn’t materialize until well after the boats got ashore.

Congratulations go to Lee Montes for sailing a great regatta. Dave Lawson finished strong while Minna Scholl and Art Leitz fought to a tie for third. Rob Ehrlich had a strong few races but he and Harry had to leave early for another event.

Welcome back Joe Feinsilver. We’ve missed you. Jon Darling, hang in there. Surely we’ll have some better breeze for you soon.

Many thanks to John Dawson, Carol Hoeber and special Race Committee person Steve Feinsilver for running the races.

After sailing the fleet enjoyed the usual friendship at the bar with some food and adult beverages.

Regular frostbiting continues next Sunday at 1 PM. Rigging time at noon.

This author won’t be there but I hope everyone else will be to make for a terrific start to March.

See you on the 10th.

Doug, Dave & John

When Is Starboard not Starboard? New Rule

We as racing sailors have some new rules to learn… and for the most part we are assure that the racing will pretty much be the same. Now reading an article just now about some new rule changes, there is an interesting one (for me anyway) about starboard vs. port. For the most part, Port boats must keep clear of Starboard boats… there is some howevers in there, but for the most part this is true. Starboard can even luff up to head to wind against port and port must keep clear, (as long as starboard gives room and opportunity to do so.)

Now there is a small twist on what I just mentioned. This occurs when Starboard (S) and Port (P) are approaching a windward mark. If the S boat starts to change course she must give P room to react and avoid S. NOW HERE IS THE NEW SMALL TWIST: If P cannot round the mark or hits it while trying to avoid S, then S is penalized. This is explained in Dave Dellenbaugh’s newest issue of Speed and Smarts (great reading so subscribe and you too can have intelligent conversations while pushing forks and knives around the bar top after racing)… “Room to avoid a mark –Whenever
a boat is entitled to room, this includes
space for her to comply with rule 31
(Touching a Mark). In this situation at
the windward mark, for example, S is
changing course, so she has to give
P room to keep clear (rule 16). This
means S must allow P enough time
and space to tack and get out of
the way. However, in this case
P is very close to the windward
mark. If S changes
course, she must give P
space to comply with rule
31 by avoiding the mark. If
S forces P to hit the mark,
then S has not given P
room to keep clear.”

I can see this is a possible point of a few words being spoken like, S–”Starboard don’t go in there…”  P–”Ok I am going to tack right into this mark, but since i am crossing you you must be changing course, and you can t change course and make me hit a mark, Dave Dellenbaugh told me so!”   S–  “I am NOT changing course so you better duck me”  P—  “I AM crossing and either going to hit this mark when I tack or you can hit me, which means you didnt avoid me.”  S—  “Ok (*&^@#&^@*#$^  PROTEST”  P—  “You MADE ME HIT THIS MARK !(*%$_)#^&@$*@ PROTEST YOU!”   etc etc etc…

Glad the rules just got simpler;)

Are you Rich?

I read somewhere the multi-billionaire Warren Buffett’s definition of rich is, “enough money so I can do the things that I want to do everyday, even if it’s reading through financial documents and balance sheets.” I would like to agree with Mr. Buffett. It doesn’t have to be a set amount of money you have in the bank, but money does help… it give you choices. My Club, Wet Pants Sailing Association is a low cost club, that gives sailors access to our bay, the Great South Bay. We are mainly a small boat sailing club, with members having some medium sized keel boats. There are some members who I am sure make a whole lot of money and some who do not make so much.

Being a member and active sailor of a club where there are other sailors provides opportunities to sail in other places and on other boats. For me I have gotten to sail on some pretty impressive boats that I would not have been able to afford, or wanted to afford for that matter. Within 45 minutes from WPSA we have the North shore, Long Island Sound with the Premier Sailing Training Center in Oyster Bay, Oakcliff Sailing run by America’s Cup veteran Dawn Riley. We also have the Peconic bay and Hamptons to the East where the big boats enjoy year round wind conditions and easy access to organized racing through clubs like the Peconic Bay Sailing Association.

Many sailors who came through small inexpensive sailing associations and small “yacht clubs” have had the opportunity to sail year round in boats ranging from an Opti and Sunfish all the way to 50 foot plus carbon fiber machines.

Do you have to have a lot of money to do this, do you have to be rich? I say, NO. Not at all. What you do need, is enthusiasm, an ability to get along with people and to be able to learn. Then it takes a little time. The next thing you will know you could be sailing any day YOU CHOOSE to… and that is being Rich.

Ten Things to Think About

I haven’t wrote in this blog in a while, so I thought I would pass some time while the weather is in its third day of below 30 degrees… since I am not doing this scientifically I will post the TOP TEN THINGS THAT COME OFF MY HEAD ABOUT SAILING. This is not supposed to be funny, so if it’s not funny don’t say, “this is not funny at all and this is stupid.” Maybe it will inspire some thinking about sailing…

10. I hope the river doesn’t freeze so I can go sailing Sunday. (its Jan 23, 2013)
9. I hope the river doesn’t freeze because my Beneteau First 235 is still in the water. Don’t want ice jutting up against her hull… she survived two hurricanes in two years (Irene and Superstorm Sandy), hopefully she’ll survive the cold snap of Jan.
8. For the past few weeks my schedule in the summer has been getting very full… full of sailing. Must make work around sailing.
7. Key West Race Week is running now, and I’m not there, and I’m not skiing… oh well, gotta plan better winters next time. :)
6. I am on the same pace as Twitter’s @tillerman, who laid out a plan to sail 100 days this year. Personally I don’t think I want to sail 100 days, when 40-50 will do… But none the less I am on his schedule so far. :)
5. What do I need for my boat? Always nice to have a seaworthy/race ready boat when you get on the water…
4. The Rules of Racing have changed for the next four years, I have Dave Perry’s book, “Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing through 2016″. Now just have to read it…
3. I have already set my major regatta schedule, I hope you did. Sunfish North Americans, World’s, and teh Downstate Sunfish Regionals.
2. How can I get more people to participate in my local regattas? Always thinking of that one.
1. Go back to 10 and repeat… maybe along the way, I’ll get to be a better sailor.

Like I said, this is not funny, but just a quick off the top of my head… hopefully your winter is interrupted by thoughts of sailing!

Sea Cliff Frostbiting is Fun

Yesterday I made it out to Sea Cliff and remembered why I go out there… as in traditional Sea Cliff fashion, everyone was so nice and the sailing is challenging. The winds are always shifty, variable and lake like, especially when it was from the S and SW… temps reached a comfortable 60 degrees… Launching off their beach is easy and they have changing facilities, showers and bar for Apres Sail… here is Doug Wefer’s email… unfortunately he was sick and could not sail yesterday.

Hello everyone – The temperatures and the breeze cooperated today for a small but nice group of sailors. Six races were sailed in a west-southwest modest breeze.
Lee Montes made his first appearance of the year and sailed consistently to the win for the day. Jon Darling was equally consistent in second. Jim Carballal, Steve Feinsilver and Norm Sorenson traded spots and rounded out the top 5. Many thanks John Dawson & Carol Hoeber for running races.

Frostbiting continues for the next two Sundays (9th and 16th) before we break for Christmas. Rigged & ready at noon with sailing at 1 PM. Apre-sail at 3:30 PM.

Hope to see you Sunday – John, Dave & Doug

Sunday, December 2, 2012
Sailor Sail 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1 Lee Montes 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 5
2 Jon Darling 3130 3 1 2 2 2 2 9
3 Jim Carballal 6 5 3 3 4 3 3 16
4 Steve Feinsilver 4139 6 5 4 3 4 4 20
5 Norm Sorenson NS 4 4 5 5 5 5 24
6 Rob Ehrlich 4040 2 4 DNS DNS DNS DNS 24